The Start-Up Innovate Africa/HexGn Career Explore Program is a comprehensive technology entrepreneurship Program of the Africa Islamic Economic Foundation, Ghana, in collaboration with HexGN Technologies of India, as its Career Acceleration Partners.

The Program is developed upon two basic concepts: that technology can be a force for drawing the world together; and that the ability to learn, and put knowledge to work is central to national and regional national economic development. Building on these two concepts the program presents participants the logic, conceptual framework, and elements of a strategy for leveraging codified knowledge and tacit know-how through Internet and web-based networks and face-to- face training programs

Overall, the Program is designed to function as an integrated Program, which brings together business entrepreneurs, academia, and governments to contribute to, and leverage local and global initiatives for knowledge transfer, accumulation, use, and diffusion to accelerate technology-based economic development for sustained economic growth and shared prosperity in Africa.


The purpose of the Program is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among African youth, with a special emphasis on technology transfer and wealth creation, by providing them with greater access to education and business support services to build sustainable technology-based businesses and companies with high growth potential.


The Program is expected to foster the development of local visionaries, champions and implementers in some select African countries, who will form a globally linked network of champions and enterprises for long-term partnerships in the international marketplace.   In particular, the Program will provide a clear and valuable support to each phase of start-up creation (e.g., ideation, validation, build, launch, growth, and maturity). Upon successful completion of the Program, participants are expected to be able to identify and pursue solutions among problems, possibilities among needs, opportunities among challenges, and eventually, create new enterprises that could have the potential to serve society and make a transformational change.


Dr  Abdel Majeed Haroun, Former Minister of State for Mining, and former Chief Executive Officer, Northern Development Authority, Republic of Ghana

Baba Yunus Muhammad, President, Africa Islamic Economic Foundation, Ghana.

Mr. Japreet, CEO, HexGn Technologies Limited, India.

Ms Videa Mike, Vice President, International Partnerships, Africa Islamic Economic Foundation, Ghana.


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